Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who is Melanie?

My full name is Melanie Hope Greenberg. You might have seen my children's picture books in bookstores, or in your classroom or school libraries. Or you might have borrowed my picture books from the public library.

So far, I've illustrated 16 picture books, six of them I've written. I taught myself how to draw and paint. Some of my stories are about life in a city. Writing and illustrating about that subject comes easy. I grew up and went to public schools in the Bronx and now live in Brooklyn. Both are boroughs of New York City.

I want to inspire the love of reading and art when I visit elementary schools and libraries to talk about my exciting career as a picture book author and illustrator.

Photo: I gave a presentation to elementary students at the Dweck Center at the the Brooklyn Public Central Library.
BPL's fabulous librarian, Deloris McCullough holds my book.


Douglas Florian said...

Thanks for linking my blog and good luck with yours!
Today I got lost in Brooklyn. I'm a Queens guy.

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks Douglas. Great success for you too.

Brooklyn is big. Glad you are found ~ melanie

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Melanie - what a great site! (love the Pink!)
Thanks for the Link, and I wish you so much success in 2009! (And of course, I hope we get to boogie on down at some point next year!)
Happy Holidays,

Julie said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks for linking to my blog. It's great to see all of your other titles and covers.

I've illustrated my first picture book, PIPPA AT THE PARADE, due out this April.

Hooray for parades!

melanie hope greenberg said...

Hi Lee,

It's a joy to link you.
Have a wonderful holiday and much success in '09.

Everyone: Lee is a fantastic dancer!

melanie hope greenberg said...

Hi Julie,

Congrats on the Boyds Mills catalogue cover!

Your book looks like a lot of fun, parade sista!

Happy Holidays!