Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Beginning: Brooklyn Public Library

The idea for my book MERMAIDS ON PARADE started from a discussion after a class visit in the Youth Wing at Brooklyn's Central Library. Youth Wing Division Managers Deloris McCullough and David Mowery knew what was missing from their shelves. This is a photo of the magnificent front of the Central Library. I always feel like royalty climbing the steps to a palace of knowledge.


melanie hope greenberg said...

I want to thank Douglas Florian for getting this blog started. And another thank you to Michael Santangelo from Brooklyn Central Library for helping me with the details.

Check out Douglas' wonderful books and blogs.

Douglas Florian said...

Nice post Melanie!
What a library!

Anonymous said...

I am not saying this because I work at that particular library, but because I think this approach is a model for upcoming children's book authors and illustrators. Speaking to young readers, parents and caregivers, teachers, and librarians is a great way to discover ideas for that next novel, picture book, biography, etc. It is a powerful way to discover that one story or subject that has not been written and is missing on the shelves.