Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture Book Art

You can see this original illustration at the Brooklyn Central Library Youth Wing 10 Grand Army Plaza until June 13, 2009. FREE to the public.

The illustration is from A CITY IS, a collection of poems by Brooklyn's first poet laureate, Norman Rosten, published by Henry Holt and Company in 2004. I painted my truth having grown up in New York City absorbing it's colors and shapes; it felt great to release the vibrant energy, to paint my most cherished city with some new colors. Norman Rosten was also from Brooklyn, he lived right across the street from me. A great person to be encouraged by. His poems taught me to aim for the best in my art and with my visions.

Image: Copyright 2004 Melanie Hope Greenberg

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School Visit / PS 122 Letters and Questions

Update: Based on viewing the PS 58 art residency exhibtion on my blog in Denise McCabe's computer classes and reading A CITY IS, PS 122's first graders created beautiful art about "their city" using the Pixie program.
I'm honored. Thank you.
Enjoy their video.

I’ve been visiting PS122 in Queens for their annual Read Aloud and breakfast every year since 2000. This year I met with first graders who sent me many sweet and funny letters that said (without editing their writing) :

“I liked the fireworks. I think you should put in more purple”
“I like when you drawed the stars it looked like they were sleeping”.
“You must be and arther and a ilistrader too”.

Best of all, these young writers sent me some questions that I can share.
Thanks PS122!

Class 1-204 asked: Did you go to art school?
MHG: No, but I think it’s a great idea for young artists to get a well rounded arts education. New York City has many art schools and colleges.

Class 1-205 asked: How do you know when you are finished with a book?
MHG: When you are taking a test or doing homework the teacher gives the class a certain amount of time to finish. In publishing we call that a “deadline”. It usually takes me about a year to complete a 32 page picture book from beginning sketches to final art.

Class 1-303 asked: What is it like being an illustrator?
MHG: I love to express my inner visions through art and show others how I see the world.

Class 1-304 asked: Do you live in a city?
MHG: Yes, I’m so lucky that I grew up and continue to live in New York City, the cultural capital of the world

Class 1-308 asked: How old were you when you first illustrated a book?
MHG: I was 34 when my first book called AT THE BEACH was published.

Photo: Melanie and PS 122 school librarian, Virginia Hood, stand in front of the banner to welcome the Read Aloud guests.

School Visit / Daniel Warren Elementary 4/22/09

I gave a Professional Development workshop at the lovely Daniel Warren Elementary School in Mamaroneck, NY. I worked with K-2 teachers on the process of picture book creation. I will always remember their fun energy, laughter and the picture books they created. Thanks for my wonderful visit.

Image: Teachers making books at Daniel Warren Elementary.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Melanie's Art Exhibition / FREE and Open to the Public

"ORDINARY INTO EXTRAORDINARY" my exhibition at Brooklyn Central Library Youth Wing is offically open to the public until June 13, 2009.

Blog links to my exhibition:

Brooklyn Central Library had a VIP reception with all the artists and curators in the exhbition. BCAT came to film us.

I gave a short speech. Gulp!

Barbara Wing, curator of my exhibition.

Sabine Aronowsky and blogger Lisannne McT came to celebrate.

Hope you will stop by the exhibition next time you go to the library.
It’s FREE!
See the installation of "Ordinary into Extraordinary".

Photos: Herb Hernandez, HMHNYC

Monday, April 6, 2009

Melanie's Art Exhibition * Brooklyn Central Library * So Grand

I installed my exhibition "ORDINARY INTO EXTRAORDINARY" in 28 showcase displays at Brooklyn Central Library Youth Wing, Grand Army Plaza. I am so honored.

My exhibition is from April 7 through June 13, 2009 and celebrates 20 years of being a published picture book author and illustrator. Original illustrations from seven of my picture books will portray New York City's urban communities. I also display examples of my picture book process.

BPL librarian and angel, Michael Santangelo adds sparkle to the showcases and helped with the installation.

Here I am installing original illustrations from MERMAIDS ON PARADE.

Job well done.

Curator Barbara Wing by the golden feet at the library's fabulous front entrance. Always a joy to work with, Barbara's good energy made the exhibition so much fun to create.