Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HOPE: New York City Omens and Miracles

My middle name is Hope. That makes it easy to believe in lucky omens. Look closely at my books, you will find my good luck omen, a white dove, hidden in the art.

A white dove came to visit the Brooklyn gardens where I live. I named the beautiful bird Saraswati, a goddess from Indian myth who dresses in white; a bird is always her escort. A symbol of wisdom, Saraswati expresses as scientists, teachers, librarians, writers, artists, musicians, and poets.

At the same time, picture book author and friend, Miriam Cohen, saw a white dove in her backyard gardens in Queens!
We sold our book DOWN IN THE SUBWAY right away. The book is still going strong 10 years later.

Omens are in your home town too. Look for them.

New York City is filled with miracles. This sure reminds me of my white dove.

Create miracles. Live your dreams. Wisdom + Effort = Miracles.

Image: The white dove is on the cover of A CITY IS.
Illustration by Melanie Hope Greenberg.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing: Ideas Become a Story * Crafty Tails

To be able to write a story about a shy mermaid who marches in the largest art parade in the United States, I had to dive right into the action and eagerly attended performance rehearsals. The Superfine Dinettes also create their own costumes for the parade. We crafted our mermaid tails at the “Tail Factory”, a mermaid happening, featuring colorful shiny fabrics, glitter, sequins, feathers, scissors and hot glue. Big thanks to Laura Sewell, Cara Lee Sparry and Yung Oh LePage for helping me with my tails.

I included an easy tail making activity in my book so you can share in all the creative fun.

* Dinette Laura Sewell aka Gina dela Mer, explains how to craft a tail at the “Tail Factory”.

* Dinette Cat Mantione glues shiny sequins on her tail at the “Tail Factory”. Can you find Cat’s mermaid tail in the book?

* The Dinette’s mermaid tails on exhibiton with original art from MERMAIDS ON PARADE at Superfine, June 2008. L to R TOP Melanie Hope Greenberg, Julie Sommerville, Lisa Flores, Cara Lee Sparry, Tanya Rynd. BOTTOM Cary Curran, Jaimie Walker, Laura Sewell, Tanya Rynd, Samantha Berg, Jaimie Walker.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unit: Coney Island

Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY was known for having world famous amusement parks.

Steeplechase Park 1897- 1964
Luna Park 1903-1946
Dreamland 1904 -1911
Astroland 1962- 2008.

Although the amusement parks no longer exist, some of the rides became New York City landmarks and cannot be destroyed. They are :
The Cyclone
The Wonder Wheel
The Parachute Jump

Did you know the hot dog got it’s name at Coney Island? You can now eat hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous.

Here is a list of books about Coney Island.

Image: from MERMAIDS ON PARADE by Melanie Hope Greenberg published by GP Putnam's Sons

Monday, January 5, 2009

Awards/Honors: Melanie Chosen Top 10 from Brooklyn Heights

So exciting!
I made the top 10 list for the "movers and shakers of Brooklyn Heights"
for 2008 in the Brooklyn Heights Blog.

The award went to those "who live or work in Brooklyn Heights who we think made an impact on our neighborhood, our city, our country or the world". Melanie "keeps art alive in kids’ homes and classrooms everywhere".

It is also linked to the New York Times.

Go Brooklyn!

Image: "Girl with Trophy" by Melanie Hope Greenberg.
Copyright 2008 Melanie Hope Greenberg