Monday, March 29, 2010

Women's History Month Celebration

The opening event of the Women's History Month Celebration started with an original picture book illustration exhibition at Superfine.

Selina Alko, Miriam Cohen, Pat Cummings, Aileen Leijten, Meghan McCarthy and I shared the Superfine gallery wall during March 2010.

My illustration was from the book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE.

Lots of children attended and went home with signed books.

Everyone was treated with a special visit by Miss Brooklyn 2009, Keelie Sheridan. The children could not stop talking to her. Keelie was interviewed on this blog in October 2009.

Here are two amazing women I feel lucky to be connected to. How fantastic that Miss Brooklyn extended her support to the Women's History Month Celebration. Keelie Sheridan's platform is Arts in Education for all as part of the Miss Brooklyn/Miss America Scholarship Fund. And Tanya Rynd, an owner of Superfine, who 'got' my vision for a grassroots community art and literature event and helped to make it come true. THANKS!

With Heather Scott of Scholastic.

Deloris McCullough from Brooklyn Central Library with a parent.

Uldis Skrodelis from Brooklyn Heights branch library.

I want to thank all the participating author-illustrators, bookstores, and Superfine, as well as bloggers, friends, artists, writers, students, parents, librarians, publishing professionals, patrons and well wishers for their support. It takes a community to create a picture book. THANK YOU!

Photo Credits: Melanie Hope Greenberg and Michael Santangelo Copyright 2010