Monday, November 29, 2010

How I Create an Illustration

Every year since 1998 I've been asked to illustrate articles in a teacher magazine from NAEYC (National Association of Educators for Young Children). Here's how I created an illustration for their December/January 2011 issue.

First, I read the magazine articles I am going to illustrate to understand the theme and get ideas. Then I sketch some doodles.

I drew the children in a circle for the reason that the articles discussed inclusion in the classroom. Circles have no beginnings or ends, simply a visual way to relay that everyone belongs.

Before I paint, I refine the sketches and an art director must approve of them. I might also have to go back and re-do or tweak my sketches.

When my sketches are approved I create color samples where I can experiment.

Experiments over! Now on to finished art.

Illustration printed in magazine!

Extra Bonus! A Free Coloring page! Click to enlarge, then download to enjoy in your homes or classrooms!

All Illustrations copyright 2011 Melanie Hope Greenberg