Sunday, May 22, 2011

PS 250 Brooklyn Asks Questions

On May 20, 2011 I gave presentations to second graders at PS 250 in Brooklyn. Ms Steinlauf's class had adorable hand drawn mermaid bookmarks which cleverly had some questions written on them as well. There was not enough time to answer all the questions before the program was over. So I promised to answer their questions on my blog. Thanks PS 250!!

Q: How do these ideas pop in to you?
MHG: Many times I get ideas from what I see or take part of in my own community. My books are about places to eat, or to do laundry, visiting the beach, and even celebrating holidays and traditions.

Q: How do you picture the Book?
MHG: Read and see the process of how I create picture books here.

Q: Have you ever written a song book?
MHG: No, because I have never written any songs. I enjoy making up stories.

Q: Do you write books? How many books did you write?
MHG: I've written 6 of the 16 books I've illustrated that have been published. See all my books here.

Q: Are the things you write are ture (true)?
MHG: Yes! Many of my books are based on what I see or have experienced in real life. Even when illustrating for other authors I paint what I see around me. For example, I marched in a Mermaid Parade. Real New York City views are displayed in A CITY IS. I shop at the supermarket in SUPERMARKET. I've been riding the subway since I was a little girl. ON MY STREET is based on Brooklyn Heights.

Q: What class were you in as a little girl?
MHG: I went to PS 93, PS 119, Jr High School 125, then graduated from James Monroe High School. All the schools were in the Bronx. I skipped the 3rd grade, the last semester of High School and graduated at 16 years old.

Q: Have you ever wrote a book about the bronx?
MHG: I wrote and illustrated a book about my true story of my father's luncheonette in the Bronx. It is called, MY FATHER'S LUNCHEONETTE.