Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Writing and Illustrating / Dummies Are Not Dumb

Now that I’ve written a story about a shy mermaid coming out of her shell, how do I go about getting my story published?

In order to present my book idea to an editor I take these steps.

First, thumbnail grids help to see the whole 32 page book at once in a sequence of scenes.
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Then, storyboards for the 32 pages put words and pictures together.
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After that, the dummy, a fake 32 page picture book with both sketches and text helps me feel the turn of the page.
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Last, I found an editor who was interested in my book idea.

To sell a book, I send the editor my packet which includes a typed manuscript, the book dummy and a color art sample.

Wish Me Luck!

All Images Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg


JudySali said...

This is so helpful and inspiring...I feel like I am in your class. You have given me the enthusisam I have been looking for to move forward.
Thank YOU!

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks for that wonderful comment, Judi!

Go forth and create! Best Wishes, Melanie