Friday, January 27, 2017


I've published a new picture book titled, AMERICANLY, by Lynn Parrish Sutton, with Kane Miller Books ISBN 978-1-61067-511-6

While researching the art for AMERICANLY, I felt awestruck by the vast and diverse beauty of the land. It was fun to create art for a poem that says, "I Love You" described as adverbs, to our nation's cities, states, rivers, oceans, natural and historical landmarks, from sea to shining sea.

The book has a cool video,

and a super cool Resources Page which includes my FREE Coloring Pages, Interviews with the Author and Illustrator, a Glossary, and more.

The book celebrated the 100th Year Anniversary of the National Park Service, and has received some wonderful reviews.

"I LOVE YOU AMERICANLY" The language is both playful and informative ("I love you faithfully like Yellowstone's spout). The illustrations match the playfulness of the text with vivid colors. A must have for history/geography teachers and art teachers will find much to study, too.”
- Teri Lesesne, Nerdy Book Club

“I love you Americanly, I must be confessin’. This is one sensational geography lesson."
- NC Teacher Stuff

You can get the book here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Client: Southern Poverty Law Center

Greeting Card commission by the Southern Poverty Law Center 

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an American nonprofit civil rights organization based in Montgomery, Alabama, contacted me after they saw my illustrations for the Children's Defense Fund and the AFL-CIO. How lucky! I illustrated two greeting cards and address sticky labels for SPLC!
Greeting card for SPLC
Inside the greeting card above
My art for SPLC as sticky address labels
Stage art I created for the AFL-CIO
All Art and Photo Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg