Monday, July 12, 2010

Librarians, Bookstores and FREE Coloring Page

I went to Washington DC to attend the ALA or the American Library Association's annual conference. I stayed at my friend Virpi's apartment and passed the White House a few times.

I attended some parties, walked the exhibit floor and met many of my colleagues. I Love Librarians!

I also love bookstores! On July 10 I read and signed books at a Beach Party for the brand new independent bookstore called Boulevard Books and Cafe in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

I felt warmly welcomed by the neighborhood community.

And signed almost all the books the store had in stock. Thanks!

Books and art make us aware of the world we live in. Please keep nature's world alive. Color the beautiful ocean and all her creatures for FREE. Click on the image to enlarge and download. Have fun!

Photo Credits: Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg,Jeanette Larson and Tatiana Nicoli