Sunday, December 7, 2008

Events: Mermaid Tail Making at the Moxie Spot

Even the cold cannot stop a mermaid from having fun. Today, I read and signed books at a fantastic kid friendly spot called the Moxie Spot. MERMAIDS ON PARADE was a big hit with both the kids and their parents. After the readings, which also included GOOD MORNING, DIGGER and A CITY IS (poems by Brooklyn's first poet laureate, Norman Rosten), we all enjoyed making mermaid tails.

Get down to 81 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, to the Moxie Spot for their great food and kid fun. Thanks to everyone who showed up on such a cold day.

* Young mermaids decorate tails for the Summer Solstice.
* I'm with the owner of the Moxie Spot, Nat Rubin.

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Douglas Florian said...

Mermaid tales and Mermaid tails.
Looks like fun to me!