Monday, December 29, 2008

Writing: Ideas Become A Story

I need to write a story to be able to publish a book. Since I had never marched in a mermaid parade before, I decided to interview the Superfine Dinettes, a performance troupe I was going march with; they had already been in the parade.

In late Spring 2005, I attended the Dinette's mermaid rehearsals. I met women artists, performers and musicians; their talents were inspiring. I mostly work alone when writing and illustrating, so I looked forward to seeing them each week.

I asked many questions and took notes while they practiced their dance steps to surf music as The MerMod Squad, based on the 1960's TV show, The Mod Squad.

Dinette Lisa Flores said she felt less and less shy about marching and had "come out of her shell". Her answer became the story for the main character in my book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE.

* from MERMAIDS ON PARADE by Melanie Hope Greenberg published by GP Putnam's Sons
* The MerMod Squad at Coney Island. Lisa Flores is in the purple hat. Can you find her in the book?


Douglas Florian said...

I'm not putting those "Dinettes" in My kitchen!
nice post

melanie hope greenberg said...

Hey Doug,

No worries! Those Dinettes are not the stay in the kitchen types!

Wishing you and yours a joyous, peaceful new year!