Friday, May 29, 2009

Artists In My Book / *Shannon Kerner* Interview

I met Shannon Kerner in 2005, we were creative vendors for the Jay Street Market in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Shannon is also a Superfine Dinette, they marched as The MerMod Squad in the 2005 Mermaid Parade.

A woman of many talents, Shannon writes, sings with her own band, and loves to create art daily. I’ll never forget the chocolate pastries she baked and sold at the Jay Street Market. Yum.

Here’s her interview.

Q: If you had a mermaid name what would it be? 
SK: Shanimal. I'm always a mermaid, so my name wouldn't change. I guess when I'm underwater it's something more like shaaa aaa aa niii niii maaaaaaa llllll. 
Q: What does Coney Island mean to you? 
SK: It means enough to me that I wrote a song about it. I think Coney Island is a place that has been constantly in flux as long as it has been a place for people to escape the city. It is unfortunate that we are living during a time when it will be under development, but such is life. It will always be a place where anyone and everyone can get to the water on a hot day and have some fun. Wonder Wheel Forever! 
Q: Why do you march in the Mermaid Parade? 

SK: I think of it as a holiday, something not to be missed if possible. You wouldn't miss eating turkey on Thanksgiving, would you? 
Q: What are your current creative endeavors? 
SK: My band Shanimal is going to put out an album soon, called Rough & Tumble. You can check out my music. We are also making a video! This album has taken awhile, so it is pretty exciting. I try to make art everyday. Write a song or make pop-up art or do something funny to make someone smile, you know, the good stuff of life. 
Thanks, Shannon!

*Image: Shannon Kerner in MERMAIDS ON PARADE.
Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg
*Photo: Tim Galbreath

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