Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What is Mermaids on Parade?

I wrote and illustrated a picture book about real life. I was invited to march in a parade that celebrates the ocean. Tanya Rynd who owns Superfine, a restaurant in Dumbo, asked me to join her performance troupe, the Superfine Dinettes. I learned some dance steps and how to make a mermaid tail to get ready to open the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island, in south Brooklyn.

In the parade, people of all ages, sizes and colors come together to celebrate in the spirit of fun. They dress up in shiny colorful costumes and transform into mermaids, neptunes, pirates and sea creatures. Wonderous floats and creative performers march around a famous amusement park.

I found marching in a mermaid parade magical and enchanting. I thought kids of all ages would too.

* Cover: MERMAIDS ON PARADE written and illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg / GP Putnam's Sons May 2008
* The Wonder Wheel is a New York City landmark at Coney Island.
Photo Credit: Tim Galbreath
* Superfine 126 Front Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 718 243-9005
Sells signed copies of MERMAIDS ON PARADE
Photo Credit: Nina Westervelt

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes a book's artist and the subject matter are a perfect match. For a book on the mermaid parade on Coney Island Melanie is the only artist that could have brought out the true feeling of the day - with the carnival colors, the design details, (love those fish tails) the colorful characters, and all the excitements of the day! Congratulations, Mel, for creating one of those special books that puts you there. I can't wait to go to the mermaid parade now! I only hope it measures up to the book! Patricia Keeler