Sunday, December 21, 2008

Events: Read To Me Program 12/18/08

I was delighted to visit young mothers who go to Brandeis High School. They are a part of the Read To Me program (RTM).

These single mothers bring their children to high school with them. While they attend classes, their children go to the Lyfe Center, a nursery/kindergarten. I explained how my book ideas become published; how women can have a fufllling career and to go for their dreams. Then I read GOOD MORNING, DIGGER to the mothers and their children while they enjoyed holiday cupcakes.

RTM also gave each mother an autographed copy of a book that I illustrated called A CITY IS, and had them sign up for library cards. Thank you to Susan Straub for this wonderful program; and to Deanna Pacelli, Kristen Lynch, Leslie Fass, Teresa Tartaglione, and the Lyfe Center.

* In the Brandeis High School library holding MERMAIDS ON PARADE. I'm with Susan Straub, Director of the Read To Me program (center), and Leslie Fass, from the New York Public Library.
* Mothers and their children love A CITY IS.


poemhome said...

The good Lyfe!

Susan said...

Ah Melanie! You are one of our all time favs. You're spirit and attitude and talent just burst out. It's always fun when you show up. I still don't know how you parade with your mermaid tail. Nor how Bette Midler's girls dance with their fins. To be discovered.
Lots of love,

melanie said...

Thanks Susan. I love your program. Your staff is really sweet. Plus, I got some cupcakes!

Every year the Dinettes create tails at the Tail Factory.

How to make a mermaid tail in 3 easy steps can be found in MERMAIDS ON PARADE.