Friday, March 6, 2009

School Visits: PS 58 Residency - Part 3

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I finished the PS 58 residency with the second graders on February 25, 2009. A community was built. Garbage became art. Something to value rather than throw away. Shout to all the students I met at PS 58. Love Nature and yourselves. It’s all connected.

Candy Store


Pizza Place


Apartment building

What’s this going to be?

The student's community grew quickly.

Photo: Melanie Hope Greenberg, art teacher, Megan Driscoll and assistant art teacher, Jane Rothberg with Barack Obama.
Photo Credit: Regina Rosario


Anonymous said...

It looks like all involved had a great time. I bet you left more than a few kids with real inspiration to pursue lives in the creative arts.

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks, Michael.

Candles. incense and pranams to the art teachers who work at this alot harder than I ever will. I come in quickly to make an impact. The teachers do all the slow work to nurture real transformation. Love them.