Friday, February 6, 2009

COMMUNITY / Schools: PS 58 Residency 2/4/09

Update: Brooklyn Heights Blog writeup about my residency.

The best part of being a picture book author and illustrator is meeting the children who read my books. My residency started in the newly renovated library at PS 58, located in a neighborhood called Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, one mile from my home.

First and second graders saw a powerpoint program about MERMAIDS ON PARADE. It was clear that these students really like books. The room exploded in cheers and happy dancing when they recognized places from their community. Photos of The Brooklyn Public Library Central and Coney Island rose to rock star status for these young Brooklynites. What cool kids! All the students I met received a signed copy of A CITY IS.

Speaking of cool kids, part of the session included PS 58 third grader, Stella Branstool. Stella wowed us with hula hoop tricks she performed marching with the Superfine Dinettes during the Mermaid Parade. You can find Stella in MERMAIDS ON PARADE on the boardwalk holding a mermaid doll. Stella's Mom and Dad who own Exit 9 on Smith Street were there and said that they march in the parade too.

I am returning to PS 58’s art room for two more sessions with second graders. We will create communities using recycled objects.

I'm sending a big shout out of thanks to Angus Killick, father of Theo, PS 58 second grader, for inviting me to present. Angus is some great guy. He helped renovate the PS 58 library into state of the art. Bravo!

Dear PS 58, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Hugs from your neighbor, Melanie

From L to R : Giselle McGee, Principal; Melanie Hope Greenberg; Jayme Perlman, Assistant Principal; Maureen Vadala, librarian.


Michael said...

Librarians with rock star status. I love it.
--Michael S.

Herb (King Neptune) said...

This looks great! Nice to know a new generation knows about the Mermaid Parade and Coney Island.

melanie said...

Michael Santangelo, librarians are rock stars to children. Enjoy your status and please visit me again.
Where's Sheila; is she going to visit?

Wow! that was King Neptune from MERMAIDS ON PARADE, so exciting! Hope he'll swim by again.

Saumya said...

Dahlinka. I'm squealing with delight!