Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Happy Women's History Month.
My cousin Michelle is a second grade teacher at PS 133 in Queens. We grew up in the Bronx and not in luxury. For anyone out there who thinks they need tons of money to go far... think again. It takes education, imagination and self effort to rise up to your highest dreams. Go for it!

Q: Why are picture books important for elementary students? 

MA: Elementary students are taught to use picture cues to help them comprehend the text of the book. They pause to look for additional information that the text alone doesn't provide. 

Q: What kinds of picture books do your students enjoy? 

MA: Young students enjoy picture books that are funny and unusual. They love colorful pictures. 

Q: How do you choose books for your classroom library? 

MA: Teachers select books that tie into a unit or subject that they are teaching. For Women's History Month I looked for easy to read biographies about Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Amelia Earhart. The children enjoyed seeing the sign alphabet that Helen learned when she was about seven years old. 

Q: What impact has MERMAIDS ON PARADE made on your students? 

MA: My class loved hearing about mermaids. They love the whole idea of a parade to welcome summer. They love that it's near the ocean and that the people dress up as creatures from the sea. 
Thanks Michelle!

Where I grew up on Boynton Avenue in the Bronx. My building is next to the bank. Michelle's grandmother, my great aunt Helen, lived in my building. I took this photo from the elevator train station at Elder Ave.

Two Hopes: Melanie Hope Greenberg and her cousin, Michelle Hope Attar at Melanie's book launch party at Superfine.

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