Saturday, June 13, 2009

Artists in My Book / *Herb Hernandez* Interview

Herb Hernandez is the webmaster for my website. Herb is multi-talented, he designs clothing and jewelry, he dances and acts, he reads Tarot cards and has his own photography blog. You've seen his name on my blog several times for photo credits.

Herb became King Neptune in my book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE.

Here is his interview:

Q: If you had a mermaid name what would it be?

HH: Conchita. I would blow a conch shell like a horn to summon people to the seashore for fun.

Q: What does Coney Island mean to you?

HH: Affordable fun, beach and great sights to photograph.

Q: Why do you enjoy taking photos at the Mermaid Parade?

HH: Taking photos of the mermaid parade is like enjoying a delicious dessert with all your favorite toppings! A tasty photo is happening every moment.

Q: What are your current creative endeavors?

I am enjoying photographing shadows and reflections of light on the walls when the Sun is rising or setting. They seem mysterious and beautiful to me.

Thanks, Herb!

Photos: Herb Hernandez
Top photo and illustration detail: Melanie Hope Greenberg
ps that's Melanie at the 2008 Mermaid Parade


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Very cool blog and I love the pictures of you and others in the mermaid costumes! Of course I remember you from that time.:)

Please come visit my blog too! I have guest author, Cynthia Polansky there now. She wrote Far Above Rubies, which is about a woman who voluntarily goes to a concentration camp to be with her daughters. We're giving another novel of hers away, Remote Control. If you leave a comment or a question you are in the drawing. Hope to see your there.

Herb said...

Hi Melanie!
It looks great. Thanks again for including me in your book and blog. I look forward to being in the mermaid parade with you next week. I'll have my camera.