Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring into Summer

Wow it's Summer already! The past month was incredibly busy.

At the end of May, Book Expo America (BEA) came to New York City. I was lucky and helped set up original illustrations and attend the Association of Booksellers for Children's (ABC) auction, dinner, party and award ceremonies. Bookstore owner, Tami Furlong, helped me out. How delightful to see ABC's Executive Director, Kristen McLean again. Kristen visited "Ordinary into Extraordinary", my picture book illustration exhibition in the Youth Wing of the Brooklyn Central Library in spring 2009.

Met Jean Dayton in person for the first time. She is my school and conference booking agent at Dayton Bookings.

At the beginning of June, author Susanna Reich and I presented a professional workshop called "Marketing to the Max" for the SCBWI NY Metro chapter, my local chapter. I've been serving on this regional chapter's steering committee for almost two decades. My part of the talk was a visual Power Point show.

To prepare for the annual Mermaid Parade I gave three presentations. First, Mermaid Tail Making at The Moxie Spot. Then a book reading at Bluestockings Books and a school visit in Brooklyn.

I celebrated the Summer Solstice and the opening of the ocean at the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. There were many creative interpretations of mermaids and water creatures on a bright sunny day with a delicious cool sea breeze. I got to relax on the beach.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Photo Credits: 2010 Melanie Hope Greenberg and Patricia Keeler


Sarah Lamstein said...

Hi Melanie,

I heard it was great but incredibly crowded this year. Lila went as a jellyfish. Hope you enjoyed! xo

Carol said...

Wow, there really is a mermaid parade. I thought that was just the title of your book. What a fun idea! ANd great costumes.

melanie hope greenberg said...

To Sarah: I did not feel it was so crowded. However, I stood further down where the parade started so it was less intense. I saw Lila and Emily for a short while when I hung out on the beach.

To Carol: This book was so much fun to paint, mostly because all I had to do was take photos and illustrate my friends and other marchers costume ideas. Did you know that my friends star in the book? Including Lila, who I was discussing above :)