Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

The last months of 2009 flew by too fast. It became hard to blog post. Here’s the recap.

October 24: I presented two power point programs, sat on a panel and critiqued illustration portfolios at the SCBWI North Central Texas Chapter‘s conference in Dallas.
November 3: A power point presentation and book signing for the NYC School Librarian Conference at Brooklyn Tech HS. It felt great to be able to walk there from my studio.

November 11: 113 boxes of MERMAIDS ON PARADE arrived. I needed to store and sell them.
I am forever grateful to these bookstores and shops who bought boxes of my books. I LOVE YOU! Please buy my autographed books from these loyal friends and colleagues.

Bank Street Bookstore - NYC
Book Court - Brooklyn
Books of Wonder - NYC
Brooklyn Museum Bookshop - Brooklyn
Eric Carle Museum Gift Shop - Amherst, MA
Exit 9 - Brooklyn
Fundamentals Parent Teacher Bookstore - Delaware, OH
Superfine - Brooklyn
Tami Furlong owner of the Fundamentals Parent Teacher Bookstore was in Brooklyn. She came to my studio to pick up her box of books and bring them back to her Delaware, Ohio store.

November 21: I signed tons of my books with other picture book authors and illustrators at the Brooklyn Museum's Third Annual Children's Book Fair. Many good friends came to visit. Here I am with David Mowery, Division Manager of the Brooklyn Central Library's Youth Wing. He bought me a gift, a Mermaid Parade T-shirt!

December 10: The Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School welcomed my author visit with the student’s colorful bulletin boards. SUPERMARKET by Kathy Krull/ Holiday House 2001.
This fabulous 3-D mural is based on A CITY IS by Norman Rosten/ Holt 2004.

During December 2009 I also read at bookfairs for the Grace Church School and the Corlears School and gave a program at the Moxie Spot.

For Christmas I rested.
The life of a picture book author and illustrator is never dull.
Happy New Year to all my readers!

All photos: Copyright 2009 Melanie Hope Greenberg


Aileen Leijten said...

I love your Blog!
Can't believe that mountain of book boxes.

Selina Alko said...

congratulations on a great, productive year!

Loni Edwards said...

Congratulations, Melanie! What a great year for you! I hope 2010 is even more productive for you!

Michael S. said...

What a year!!! I hope your readers appreciate the hard work and organization that goes into a career as an author/illustrator. May 2010 bring your the deserved, true, and abundant fruits of your labor.

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks for the comments! Happy New Year!

There's a few layers behind that book mountain.
Please tell all your friends that I have books :)

MS: from your lips to the Universe's ear :)

Nina Crittenden said...

Mermaids On Parade is my daughter's FAVORITE book! Your wonderful energy fills the pages you illustrate!