Monday, November 29, 2010

How I Create an Illustration

Every year since 1998 I've been asked to illustrate articles in a teacher magazine from NAEYC (National Association of Educators for Young Children). Here's how I created an illustration for their December/January 2011 issue.

First, I read the magazine articles I am going to illustrate to understand the theme and get ideas. Then I sketch some doodles.

I drew the children in a circle for the reason that the articles discussed inclusion in the classroom. Circles have no beginnings or ends, simply a visual way to relay that everyone belongs.

Before I paint, I refine the sketches and an art director must approve of them. I might also have to go back and re-do or tweak my sketches.

When my sketches are approved I create color samples where I can experiment.

Experiments over! Now on to finished art.

Illustration printed in magazine!

Extra Bonus! A Free Coloring page! Click to enlarge, then download to enjoy in your homes or classrooms!

All Illustrations copyright 2011 Melanie Hope Greenberg


Anonymous said...

What a nice demonstration. I am always fascinated by your use of color. Like with all the arts, it is those things that appear most seamless that take the most attention, time and craft.

Christina Rodriguez said...

Love seeing your process, Melanie! It's always so neat to see how everyone's is so different, in subtle and sometimes big ways.

educational supplies discount Mary said...

Nice demo..
Thank you