Sunday, February 21, 2010

Montessori Students Create Theater from My Picture Book

Katie Kovach and I were introduced via email through mutual friend, musician Alex Battles. She and I later connected on Facebook where I took special note of her alice FOUND photo galleries. Katie, a talented photographer, takes emotionally energetic photos of local bands.

Best of all, Katie and I connect through Arts in Education via my book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE. Katie is the drama teacher for 2-5 year olds at Montessori School of Manhattan. She covers acting, writing, set design, costume design and props. They even work on Shakespeare and opera!

Katie sometimes works with picture books as a source of drama exercises. She said "Your book was perfect because it centers around an event with a specific place, has beautiful illustrations that the kids are drawn to (making it easier for them to note things about the place to include in their designs), and it is local. Several of my students began to tell me about their own trips to Coney Island. And of course the Mermaid Parade in general is so fantastical and dramatic, it's like it's own theater piece".

Enjoy some of Katie's students set designs for MERMAIDS ON PARADE.

Thanks, Katie and Students!

Photo Credit: Alex Battles


Ceci Miller said...

What a cool collaboration, Melanie! Love the drawings of kids' set designs based on book/theater inspiration.

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks for the comment, Ceci. My career certainly connects to so many varieties of people because books make an impact in so many different ways.

How too adorable are these set designs. Arts in Education gives a solid foundation for a good work ethic, discipline, concentration and devotion in action.

Christina Rodriguez said...

What darling little drawings! Isn't it wonderfully flattering to see how your work inspires kids? They must be having tons of fun.

melanie hope greenberg said...

Thanks Christina! I love that my books tie into education and other art forms that inspire children to find wonder from within and to express it positively.

TinyReader said...

I selected your blog for two awards! Check it out!