Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Artists In My Book / *Veronica Otto*

Veronica Otto has been marching as a Superfine Dinette in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade for several years. This year she plans on launching her new line of resort clothing for women. Be on the lookout for her Hulili Collection.

Veronica sipping soda through a straw in MERMAIDS ON PARADE. My open minded friends not only transform from human to mermaid but even change skin tones.

Q: If you had a mermaid name what would it be?

VO: Boogie Hula
Q: What does Coney Island mean to you?

VO: It's totally nostalgic of my youth when my family would go to Coney and spend the day.. and now it represents the kick-off of summer participating in the Mermaid Parade with the Dinettes. All around Coney = fun!

Q: Why do you enjoy marching in the Mermaid Parade?

VO: The crowd is awesome, everyone is having a wonderful time and it's a candy colored kaleidoscope of fun with my friends.

Q: What are you currently working on?

VO: Designing a women's resort line which hasn't hit the market yet!

Thanks, Veronica! All best with your new launch.

Illustration: Detail from MERMAIDS ON PARADE GP Putnam's Sons. Copyright 2008 Melanie Hope Greenberg

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cherry said...

i caught a glimpse of a few of the dresses and lemme just say, my bank account is gonna be hurting after i have to buy ALL of them!