Monday, July 6, 2009

Illustration / Costumes and Characters

Creating the costumes for over 100 characters in my book was not so hard. I know alot of creative people who love to dress up in costumes. All I had to do is use my camera, sketch and paint.

I mix hundreds of colors. I create a formula for each character and list the colors of each element: skin tone, hair, and clothing. This sometimes takes longer to do than the actual painting. It's a necessary process because I make mistakes. The formulas guide me to the correct color immediately.

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See how I created The Shark.
Read the interview with the blue mermaid, Tanya Rynd.

Photo and Art: Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg


Anonymous said...

You created a custom formula for EACH of your 100 characters!?!! I'm flabbergasted. Even a handful is impressive; this is borderline INSANE!

melanie hope greenberg said...

Sometimes I paint first, then write down the formulas after. Call me CRAZY :)

melanie hope greenberg said...
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