Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HOPE: New York City Omens and Miracles

My middle name is Hope. That makes it easy to believe in lucky omens. Look closely at my books, you will find my good luck omen, a white dove, hidden in the art.

A white dove came to visit the Brooklyn gardens where I live. I named the beautiful bird Saraswati, a goddess from Indian myth who dresses in white; a bird is always her escort. A symbol of wisdom, Saraswati expresses as scientists, teachers, librarians, writers, artists, musicians, and poets.

At the same time, picture book author and friend, Miriam Cohen, saw a white dove in her backyard gardens in Queens!
We sold our book DOWN IN THE SUBWAY right away. The book is still going strong 10 years later.

Omens are in your home town too. Look for them.

New York City is filled with miracles. This sure reminds me of my white dove.

Create miracles. Live your dreams. Wisdom + Effort = Miracles.

Image: The white dove is on the cover of A CITY IS.
Illustration by Melanie Hope Greenberg.


Anonymous said...

I remember when you talked about the white dove in your presentation at our MNSCBWI Conference. I always found that interesting. The only thing you'll ever find in each of my illustrations are mistakes! :)

melanie said...

The dove even shows up at my presentations :)

Yesterday's special history was a grand expression of joy and open heartedness. So a bit of my mystical bent was revealed for the occasion.

MERMAIDS ON PARADE had so many omens, from the beginning of the project to the end. I am going to talk about them too. More to be revealed.....

Sharon Creech said...

I'm just discovering the white dove--thanks for clueing me in--love it!

Nina Crittenden said...

I love that!! ! Wisdom + Effort = Miracles!
How about this equation?
Melanie + Words + Pictures = Inspiration!!!

shadrieka said...

Thanks for sharing this~ It's lovely and I will look for the dove in all your work from now on!

Lisa Stein said...

I love that! Great explanation, not what I expected! :-)
Love the book Down in the Subway, we read it a lot.
Great omen how it came to be published!